The Torturer’s Apprentice: The APA and the Intentional Infliction of Pain

It is a strange morning.

Almost surreal.

For twenty-five years, first as an APA insider designing and running the American Psychological Association Practice Directorate and, later, as an external critic, I have borne witness to the evil in the inner workings of the APA.

Now, the whole world knows something has gone very wrong inside the APA.

What is the rest of the story?

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Torture, Fear, and American Psychology: An Insider’s Perspective on the Debacle Within the APA

I spent almost 20 years inside the inner sanctum of the American Psychological Association. A psychologist and attorney, I was the first Executive Director of Professional Practice for the APA and in 1986 built much of the advocacy structure still in place to advocate for clinical psychologists. During that period psychology went through what some have referred to as the “golden age” of American psychology, in which we successfully advocated to make psychological services available to the elderly, the disabled, and many others. We also effectively asserted the humanistic values of a profession that appreciated fully the devastating effects of trauma and abuse.

Torture, Fear, and American Psychology: An Insider's Perspective on the Debacle Within the APA

Torture was the antithesis of what we stood for and what we were about.

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